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Why Ayurveda?

With the wide range of therapies and sometimes conflicting information out there it can be hard to know what treatment is best for you. This is because health, like everything else, is unique to the individual. So your friend may have terrific success going for morning runs and following the Paleo diet - but you might be left pushing kale and eggs around your plate wondering why you feel sluggish and bloated and just not right.


Ayurveda is the 5000 year old study that acknowledges the inherent differences we all have and uses this knowledge to identify the best diet, lifestyle and practices to deliver each of us the optimum health we are seeking.



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 Albemarle Medical 

482 Old South Head Rd Rose Bay 

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Phone 02 9371 6000  

Initial consult is 45-60 minutes and cost is $175.

You will get back around $105 from Medicare.

Please bring any previous results or reports with you at your consultation

Ayurveda in Sydney

Ancient Medicine for Modern Living


Monday - Thursday: 2pm-6pm

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